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Polylactic acid / Corn starch

The basic material gained from maize can be returned to nature. The plastic material produced in this way is biodegradable according to DIN 13432/ASTM D-6400 and is listed with DIN CERTCO under the registration number: 7W0014. Microorganisms in the compost and soil start to break down the main components of the uma NATURAL products, lactic acid and polymers, after twelve weeks.


The use of cardboard that has already been recycled offers a stable and at the same time environmentally friendly basis for the production of writing utensils. The material can be returned to the recycling process again, thus contributing to helping the environment. The use of these special materials is subject to fluctuations in the production technology. As a result, slight differences in color and surface are possible.

Cellulose acetate

The raw material gained from nature can also be returned to nature. The cellulose acetate complies with DIN EN 13432:2000-12 /certification program for products from compostable materials. The cellulose required for this is gained from European softwoods.

ABS plastic

The barrel of the VITAN RECY is made of recycled ABS plastic and is identified by the rABS logo.

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